Greatest post-war designs

Like many car enthusiasts, I love to watch beautiful cars. As a resident of the small but dynamic city - Hong Kong, I am lucky to have seen quite a lot of beautiful cars, such as Ferrari Testarossa, Koenig 512BB, Lamborghini Countach, Lamborgini Diablo, Jaguar E type, Renault GTA, Ferrari 308GTB, Lotus Elan II... Everytime I watched these cars I couldn't help staring at them, enjoying their beautiful lines and surfaces. What a great moment !  

Here, I would like to invite you to see my choice of the most beautiful post-war cars. I divided them into groups according to the year of launch, since designs at different times had background and limitations so that direct comparison could be unfair. As you can see later, I pay more attention to the cars of the 80s and 90s because as a young man I am more familiar with those cars. However, I also admire many cars came from the 60s and regard that period as the golden days of automotive styling. Admittedly, it was the last decade without bounded by safety regulations. 

Older cars are fewer, unless they are so timeless that I can feel their excellence. And what about the pre-war cars? Sorry, after watching many books about them, I think I'm still incapable to break my time barrier. Therefore I would like to remain tight-lip about their styling. 

From 1946 to the '50s

Jaguar XK120
By far the most beautiful car in this table, though also the oldest. Elegant, streamline and rich of character. It is definitely one of the milestones in automotive styling.
Citroen DS
No matter the exterior or interior, everywhere was futuristic styled. A big step foward compare with contemporary sedans. Picture
BMW 507
Few cars in the 40's and 50's looked lighter and faster than they were. BMW 507 was one of them, thanks to the slim profile. Picture
Fiat 500
Pretty, pretty, very pretty. Before it, it's hard to imagine a car could be so pretty while so small. Picture

The '60s

Jaguar E type
Perhaps the visually smoothest car ever appeared, it is unquestionably one of the greatest styles of all time.
Lamborghini Miura
Gandini's only smooth design. Look terrific in front and side but less happy from rear. Picture
Alfa Spider (Duetto)
A very handsome roadster then. Picture
Ferrari 206GT Dino
Wave-like waist line is sexy, which also provided the basis for 308GTB. Picture
BMW 02 Series
Elegant finished, simple shape and big windows made this car the prettiest sedan of the 60s while highly practical. Picture
Ferrari 365GTB/4
The best looking front-engined GT until now. The combination of long bonnet and sharp nose looks like a shark.

The '70s

Citroen SM
The most aerodynamically car in then had the advantage of roomy and elegant. Picture
Maserati Bora / Merak
Giugiaro's best shape. However, it's still not up to the level of Miura and Daytona. Picture
Simple lines and neat details make it still look pretty today.
Lamborghini Countach
Countach reflects Gandini's favourite style: sharp, wedge, non-round rear wheel arch... It is possibly the wildest design of all time. Its successor, Diablo, followed its trend very much. However, with the additional input from Chrysler, Diablo is more conservative but more comfortable to look at. Both of them have a strong sense of supercar. Picture
Ferrari 308GTB
Sexiest shape of all. That's Giugaro's all-time dream car, although designed by Pininfarina's Leonardo Fioravanti. Sexy wave-like waist lines was inspired by women bodies.

The '80s

Chevrolet Corvette C4
Purist shape, although wrap-around  rear window copied from Porsche 924. This car still looks good today.
Peugeot 205GTi
The most beautiful GTi. Distinctive C-pillar was one of the smartest invention which enhanced beauty without increasing cost.
Ferrari Testarossa
Another sexy Ferrari. Comb-like side grilles is a classic. Picture
Renault Alpine GTA
A special coupe that looked like no other. I personally like it very much although some people may dislike its angular profile. Side windows and glassy C-pillars were shaped extraordinarily so that enable the roof line to be lengthened without looking ugly. As a result, rear cabin room was generous. Picture
Alfa 164 / Peugoet 405
The twins were designed by Pininfarina. When other manufacturers were still in fond of round design, they re-adopt the angular strategy. 164 looked sexy while 405 was comfortable to look at.
Nissan 300ZX
Best Japanese sports car design - but by American. Looked sophisticated but required highest build quality to match, which Nissan could provide.

The '90s

Lotus Elan M100
In such a short dimension, propably no other sports cars could be more stylish than Elan II. Picture
Jaguar XJ220
Pure, especially in silver. Successfully combining Jaguar's traditions, modern styles and functions. What a pity that the rear, which used Ford's lamps to reduce cost, looked cheap and untidy. Picture
Peugeot 306 Cabriolet
The most beautiful Cabriolet up to this moment. Pininfarina cleverly transformed the odinary Peugeot 306 into a sexy cabriolet. Why so clever? If you observe the surface around the hood storage, you'll find the minor increment of slope dramatically change the away you feel.
Alfa Romeo GTV
Clever lines and details. Combines edges, plane surfaces and curvy surfaces perfectly. Small 2+2 coupes are always difficult to design, but this time Pininfarina is completely successful. 
Ford Ka
A very smart compact. It incorporates sharp edges into round shape. Everywhere has stylish details. More like a show car but very practical. Picture
Peugeot 406 Coupe
Pure shape, handsome lines and neat details make the car irresistable. It's the most beautiful Pininfarina's design since Testarossa, though base on the dimension that is far easier to design than Alfa's GTV and Peugeot 306 Cab.
Jaguar S-Type
The most beautiful grille for decades. The whole car looks like a modern classic. Picture

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