Department of Suspension

Suspension Geometry

Basic concept

Non-independment suspension

Live axle / Dead axle

Dedion axle

Independent suspension

Swing axle

Double-wishbones (A-arms)

MacPherson strut

Trailing arm and Semi-trailing arm

Torsion beam


Weissach axle - allow passive rear-wheel steering

Sub-frame mounting - a new trend to reduce NVH

Adaptive Suspension

Adaptive damping

Semi-active suspension

Citroen Hydractive

Citroen Activa

Citroen Hydractive 3

Tenneco Kinetic suspension - e.g. McLaren MP4-12C

Active roll control

Citroen Activa

Mercedes ABC (Active Body Control)

Tenneco Kinetic suspension - e.g. McLaren MP4-12C

Lotus' fully active suspension

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