Different Types of Chassis (Cont'l)

Ferrari 288GTO (1985) carbon fiber panels steel tubular space frame
Porsche 959 (1987) carbon fiber panels steel monocoque
Ferrari F40 (1988) carbon fiber panels + doors steel tubular space frame
McLaren F1 (1993) carbon fiber panels carbon fiber monocoque
Ferrari F50 (1996) carbon fiber panels + doors carbon fiber monocoque
Lamborghini Diablo SV (1998) mostly aluminium panels, with carbon fiber bonnet + engine lid steel tubular space frame
Lamborghini Diablo GT (1999) mostly carbon fiber panels + aluminium doors steel tubular space frame
Renault Sport Spider
Lotus Elise
Weight of chassis
80 kg
65 kg
Torsional stiffness
10,000 Nm/degree
11,000 Nm/degree
Thickness of extrusion
3 mm
1.5 mm
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