AutoZine Awards 2018

Technology of the Year

Mazda Skyactiv-X engine
For decades, automotive engineers dreamed of HCCI engine, which ignites gasoline by compression alone without using spark plugs, like diesel engines. This allows diesel-matching fuel efficiency while reduces NOx emission. Many giant car makers spent a lot of money in research, but Mazda emerges as the winner. The Skyactiv-X engine uses spark ignition to assist combustion during high-load and cold conditions, so it avoids the unstable combustion encountered by its rivals. The transition between HCCI and spark assist mode is pretty smooth, too. Its fuel consumption is claimed to be 20-30 percent lower than Skyctiv-G, and comparable to Skyactiv-D. It will enter production next year.
Past winners

2017   GKN Twinster for Ford Focus RS
2016   iStream Carbon
2015   LaFerrari's hybrid powertrain
2014   BMW i3's LifeDrive architecture
2013   Mercedes SLS Electric Drive
2012   Ferrari 4RM
2011   Chevrolet Volt
2010   FIAT Multiair
2009   Better Place-Israel electric car plan
2008   Mercedes F700 and DiesOtto engine
2007   BMW Turbosteamer
2006   Volkswagen-Eaton Twincharger
2005   BorgWarner regulated 2-stage turbocharging system
2004   Toyota Prius
2003   BorgWarner DualTronic double-clutch gearbox

2002   BMW 7-series
2001   Saab SVC (variable compression) engine
2000   Audi Multitronic CVT
1999   Volkswagen 24-valve VR6

Honorable mentions

Audi A8
Honorable mentions

Mercedes M256 straight-6
Honorable mentions

Lamborghini ALA
Honorable mentions

Ford GT DSSV suspension

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