AutoZine Awards 2017

Concept Car of the Year

Citroen CXperience
As manufacturers concentrate resources on SUV crossovers, we did not see many concept cars last year. Among them, Citroen CXperience impressed me the most. As a modern interpretation of CX, it is a sleek 2-box large car with a 3-meter wheelbase but very short overhangs. The streamline body profile, the smooth nose, bullet-train air dam and unconventional headlights arrangement make it unusually attractive. I would be very satisfied if the upcoming DS luxury flagship looks half as good as this one!
Past winners

2016   Yamaha Sports Ride
2015   Mini Superleggera
2014   Nissan IDx Nismo
2013   Lexus LF-LC
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2002   Saab 9X
2001   Cadillac Imaj
2000   Bertone Bella

Honorable mentions

Cadillac Escala
Honorable mentions

Acura Precision
Honorable mentions

Mercedes Vision Maybach 6
Honorable mentions

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100

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