AutoZine Awards 2018

Concept Car of the Year

Borgward Isabella
The most impressive concept vehicle in the last Frankfurt motor show as well as the full year does not come from a big car maker or traditional styling house, but a revived German brand fully owned by Chinese car maker BAIC. However, the Borgward Isabella is designed by neither German nor Chinese, but Danish designer Anders Warming, who headed Mini design previously. This is a very beautifully proportioned fastback luxury saloon. It has plenty of elegant details as well, most notably the chromed twisted waist line and flying C-pillars which make it unusually dynamic.
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Honorable mentions

BMW 8-Series Concept
Honorable mentions

Techrules Ren (by Giugiaro)
Honorable mentions

Pininfarina H600
Honorable mentions

Nissan Vmotion 2.0

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