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10 Unsung Heros in 1997-2017

1. Audi A2 (2000)

The slippery, all-aluminum and ultra-efficient A2 was far ahead of its time. Unfortunately, it was too costly for mainstream buyers.

2. Artega GT (2008)

Utilizing Volkswagen VR6 and DSG gearbox, the mid-engined Artega GT was compact yet offered great balance and good performance. Better than Porsche Cayman S actually. Sadly, not enough people understood it.

3. Cadillac ATS / CTS / CT6 (2012/13/16)

This generation's Cadillacs drive better than BMW, with good balance and feelsome steering. What let them down are engines, interior and the badge, sadly.

4. Citroen C6 (2005)

The French luxury car offered unique style and a supple ride from its Hydractive suspension. An experience completely different to the German. Too few people truly understood it though.

5. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (2004)

Not the most beautiful work from Pininfarina, but the 612 offered V12 power and space for 4. The last traditional Ferrari 4-seater.

6. Fiat Multipla (1998)

A look not even its mother would love did not prevent the Multipla from being a highly innovative and practical MPV.

7. Noble M12 GTO (2000)

Giant-killing performance and handling matched with kit-car build quality. M12 GTO was considered a success by the standard of cottage industry, but not enough to keep Noble running.

8. Saab 9-5 (2010)

The last Saab was also the best in years, but GM did not wait for the outcome before pulling the plug.

9. Smart Roadster Coupe (2003)

Low, light, funky looking and fun to drive. The Smart Roadster Coupe was just let down by a slow gearbox and a high price.

10. TVR Sagaris (2005)

The last and wildest TVR in Peter Wheeler era. Amazing looks and performance still appealing today.

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