Peugeot 106

Launched in 1991, Peugeot 106 was the first so-called "Supermini", which introduced superior quality than the traditional mini cars. Besides, it was always named as the greatest handling supermini. In 1997, Peugeot 106 received a major update including longer overhangs to cope with stricter crash test, vastly repackaged interior and tweaked suspensions to provide even crisper handling and equally impressive ride. As a result, the new 106 lead further from other competitors in dynamic aspect.. 

The top of the range, 106GTi, got a new 1.6 litres 16 valves four with 120hp, which is enough to push the relatively light body (961kg) from standstill to 60mph in around 8sec. While such performance is probably better than those bigger GTi rivals ( Golf class ) with 2 litres engines, its handling and nimble manner is unmatchable unless you take into account its bigger brother, 306GTi-6. Peugeot once again prove itself is the King of handling. 

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Citroen Saxo 1.4XR
Peugeot 106 Rallye
Peugeot 106 GTi
Front-engined, Fwd.
Front-engined, Fwd.
Front-engined, Fwd
Inline-4, sohc, 4v/cyl.
Inline-4, sohc, 4v/cyl.
Inline-4, dohc, 4v/cyl.
1360 c.c.
1587 c.c.
1587 c.c.
75 hp
103 hp
120 hp
81 lbft
97 lbft
107 lbft
F: strut / R: trailing arm
185 / 55 HR14
185 / 55 HR14
850 kg
865 kg
961 kg
Top speed
106 mph*
120 mph*
122 mph*
0-60 mph
11.1 sec*
8.5 sec*
8.2 sec*
0-100 mph
25.6 sec*
23.9 sec*
* Tested by Autocar

Citroen Saxo

 Apart from the new changes, 106 also got a new brother, Citroen Saxo, which is virtually all the same but softer suspensions and leaner interior trim. For those who would like a normal-driving supermini, 106 is no better than Saxo, since better handling is no longer an important point while the keener price from the Citroen may be more attractive. However, for those who ask for more driving fun, 106 GTi must be better than the equivalent Saxo VTS.
The above report was last updated in 1998. All Rights Reserved.

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