Honda Integra

Terrific chassis, that is the first impression of the Integra. Strangely, the original integra was a hatch back sedan. Today, it is the hottest affordable coupe in the market. In 4 doors form, it offers class-leading passengers cabin room via stretching the wheelbase by 50mm, though weighs more and looks less attractive as the 2drs. The 2drs coupe really catches my heart. It looks fresh, aggressive and elegant. Apart from Alfa GTV and Peugeot 406 Coupe, Integra is probably the best looking coupe you can buy.  

Even in 2drs form, it still offers decent rear seat space that few coupes in this size can compare with. Bucket seats are supportive, driving position is superb. What a pity that Honda had not spent much effort to style and trim the interior, it looks rather boring. I'd like to see Peugeot 406 Coupe's leather seats and Alfa GTV's stylish dash.  

The best of Integra remains to be the chassis. Handling is as accurate as a swiss watch, with strong communication between the driver and the road. Grip, brakes, ride and gearchange are all rated among the best. The VTEC 1.8 engine loves to rev at sky-high rpm, it tempts you to press the pedal deeper and deeper. Keep the engine at high rpm and you'll find its exceptional 170hp and screaming are so lovely. Street race the Integra, turn after turn you can find its cornering limit is so high. Even when exceeded the limit, it is easily adjusted back. Few front-wheel-drive coupes can handle as good. 
 Japanese Integra has square lamps

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Integra Type R

For those real street racer ( although we do not praise them ), Integra Type R save any modification. It is already installed with stiffer spring and dampers, NSX-sized brakes and tower bars.  

The VTEC engine received free-flowing induction and exhaust, higher compression ratio, higher precision cams, lighter valves, higher valve lift, lower friction forged and polished pistons and a revised programme. As a result, it became even more powerful - 187hp (DIN), 195hp (SAE) or 200hp (JIS) ! Every Type R's engine is carefully assembled and tuned by human hands, thus it is relatively expensive and rare. 

As usual, all the enhancement in power and handling are accompanied with weight reduction. Stereo has gone, racing buckets replaced the standard seats, thinner windscreen is a result, it weighs only 1101kg.  

Type R can sprint to 60mph in 6.7sec and top 143mph, although no match for the rocket-fast Fiat Coupe turbo, it is amazingly fast for a car with only 1800c.c. and without charging. More important, Type R handles better than anyone else, with precise body control, sleek gearchange, close-ratio transmission, excellent brakes and still-brilliant ride. The only minus is the steering - 3.0 turns lock-to-lock is too slow and the road feel is not the best among rivals. 

In my opinion, Type R is in its own class. It is not adequate to compare Type R with other coupes like Fiat Coupe and Mitsubishi FTO, because Type R is a road racer. Its performance and handling enhancement come from racing components. For example, without the tower bars, will it handle as precise? without being built by hands, can its engine pump out 17hp more than the standard Integra? Everything has its price. To Integra Type R, the price it pay is the high price - it is likely to cost as expensive as the 2 litres 5 cylinder turbocharged Fiat Coupe turbo. 

The above report was last updated in 1998. All Rights Reserved.


Integra GSR
Integra Type R
Front-engined, Fwd.
Front-engined, Fwd.
L / W / H / WB: 
4380 / 1695 / 1335 / 2570 mm
L / W / H / WB: 
4380 / 1695 / 1330 / 2570 mm
Inline-4, dohc, 4v/cyl, VVT.
Inline-4, dohc, 4v/cyl, VVT.
1797 c.c.
1797 c.c.
170 hp
187 hp (DIN)
128 lbft
131 lbft (DIN)
All : double wishbones
195 / 55 R15
215 / 45 ZR16
1210 kg
1101 kg
Top speed
133 mph**
143 mph*
0-60 mph
7.6 sec**
6.7 sec*
0-100 mph
16.8 sec*
* Tested by Autocar
** Tested by Road & Track

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